The Bonnyview Easter Hunt 2011

Last updated: April 8, 2021

There were three participants in the Egg/Treasure hunt this year - Gareth, Joshua, and Rebecca.

There were a large number of eggs, hidden at various locations around the house. All of the eggs contained various chocolates and candies. But forty-eight of the eggs also contained a piece of paper. On each piece was a letter and number. If the letters were arranged in the order indicated by the numbers, it would spell:


Upon realizing this was a URL, they went to the neareast computer (none of them had phones yet), typed the address into the browswer, and saw the webpage:

The Treasure Hunt

Joshua - you think
the treasure hunt is over?

Gareth - you think
you'll solved all the puzzles?

Rebecca - you think
you get your treasure now?

If you thought any of these
Then you thought WRONG!

But this might help:

Buried deep, behind iced tea
Is your treasure box
You can find it easily
But you'll also find it's locked.

To open it, you'll need the key
But that, I think, you knew
To find the key, read carefully,
For here I give a clue

A small device, with steady beat
Inside you'll find the key
But said device now doesn't work
I removed the battery!

The small device with steady beat was a reference to the metronome, which was on top the piano. Inside was key, which opened a locked box hidden behind the iced tea cans in the basement.

Once they found the key and unlocked the box, they found three big chocolate easter bunnies.