The Bonnyview Easter Hunt 2018

Last updated: April 8, 2021

In previous years, the hunt was limited to the younger generation, but as various older family members were always keen to join in, I decided to make this year open to everyone. And most everyone did participate, to varying degrees.

There were exactly one hundred eggs, and each egg contained only one item: a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. On the back of each jigsaw piece was written one letter. When all the eggs were located and the jigsaw completed, The participants flipped over the puzzle.

The words on the back of the puzzle where the names of songs from the album Americana from the rock group The Offspring. Unfortunately, no one was familiar with the album, but as the list of words looked somewhat like the names of songs, they guessed that the next clue lay somewhere in a CD.

So they searched through all the CDs looking for anything which might help. When they reached Americana, they found a key inside.

The key unlocked a tool chest, which happened to be sitting conveniently nearby, and was filled with chocolates and candies and other treats.

I have mixed feeling about this year's hunt. The letters on the back of the jigsaw puzzle, was, by far, the best idea I've had in any of my Easter hunts. But while the idea was great, my choice of the content - the names of songs from an album of which no one was familiar - was not.

A better idea would have been to have the letters be a riddle or word puzzle that had to be solved in order to find the key.

Ah well, live and learn. But at least the participants did put away all those CDs...