The Bonnyview Easter Hunt 2019

Last updated: April 8, 2021

This year there were five participants in the Egg/Treasure hunt - Annie, Gareth, Joshua, Normand, and Rebecca.

There were exactly one hundred eggs, hidden at various locations around the house. All of the eggs contained various chocolates or candies and one piece of paper.

Each piece of paper had a single letter and two numbers. The upper left number indicated to which clue it belonged, and the upper right number referred to the word position in the clue. The participants would have to figure this out themselves.

Once the letters were put in the proper order, six messages were revealed. The first five messages referred to locations in the kitchen where additional items were hidden. The last message was simply a distraction.

1. UNDER TINY WAVES (under the microwave oven).

2. UNDER THAT WHICH IS LAID (under the eggs in the refrigerator).

3. BEHIND SMOKE ALARM SOUNDS (behind a poster which explains all the sounds the smoke alarm can make).

4. UNDER YELLOW FLOWERS (under a vase of yellow flowers on the kitchen table).

5. WITH PURPLE MITTENS (inside the purple oven mitts).


At each location were two slips of paper. Once all ten slips were found, they gave directional instructions:

After following the instructions, the particpants found themselves in the kitchen facing the cupboard which holds pots and pans. Underneath a frying pan about six inches above the floor was an envelope: