The Bonnyview Easter Hunt 2017

Last updated: April 8, 2021

This year we had three participants in the Egg/Treasure hunt - Gareth, Joshua, and Rebecca.

There were about a hundred or so eggs, hidden at various locations around the house. All of the eggs contained various chocolates and candies.

But seventeen eggs also contained a small piece of paper, each with a single letter and a number.

The numbers indicated to which word they belonged. Those with a "1" belonged to the first word, those with a "2" belonged to the 2nd word, etc. If the letters were rearranged into the proper order, they would reveal a message.

Coincidentally, a digital camera was sitting nearby. The participants powered on the camera, and found that it was preloaded with a video.

The video, which is no longer available, was of me walking randomly about the house and finally ending in the living room where I lift the corner of a rug to reveal an envelope. The participants viewed the video, found the envelope under the carpet, and opened it to reveal this note:

When they rewatched the video and listened carefully, they heard the message

"That ... which ... you ... seek ... lies ... beneath ... the ... words ... which ... led ... you ... to ... me"

Where the ...'s represent long pauses, inserted to make the message more difficult to discern.

The meaning of the clue was that the real treasure was in a different envelope, under the cover on the dining room table. They had been using the dining room table to collect the letters and solve the anagram. When they rewatched the video and listened carefully, they heard the message, and found the real treasure ($20 for each particpant).