The Bonnyview Easter Hunt 2016

Last updated: April 8, 2021

We had five participants in the Egg/Treasure hunt this year - Gareth, Johnny, Joshua, Rebecca, and Vanessa.

There were a large number of eggs, hidden at various locations around the house. All of the eggs contained various chocolates and candies.

But seventeen eggs also contained a small piece of paper, each with a single letter.

If the letters were arranged in the proper order (at this point, I gave a verbal clue that the correct answer had five words), they would spell:


Upon realizing that this was the name of the famous Pink Floyd album, they had to find the CD, inside of which was a key.

The key unlocked a tool chest, which happened to be sitting conveniently nearby.

The participants may have thought that this was the end of the hunt. But had they done so, they would have been wrong.

Inside the chest was a plastic U-shaped tube.

It's hard to see in the photo, but upon the tube was written the words:


It took some thinking, but the participants soon realized that the U-shaped tube was a clue for "Youtube".

Using the nearest phone, they quickly went to Youtube and searched using the words written on the plastic tube. Their efforts were rewarded with this video. (Much of the extra footage at the end of the video was to ensure they didn't just skip to the end to find the hiding place).

Upon locating the real treasure, they were rewarded.

Everyone had a great time (especially the grownups who just could not stop themselves from helping, giving hints, mentioning the name "Pink Floyd", etc :-).